AI & Data Analytics

Ad: For Don Woodlock, real-world data represent an opportunity waiting to be seized.
Sharpless brings an extensive medical background and focus on public health to the agency.

The platform collects real-time data and could improve outcomes while reducing cost of care.

6 ways ambulatory surgery centers can win a high-stakes game of medical billing and collections.
The health and genetics data available for use could lead to more scientific breakthroughs that can improve health outcomes. 
The report can show the likelihood of developing the condition that affects millions in the U.S.

After the resignation of FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, Data Book examines agency history & welcomes Duke Law’s Arti Rai to discuss its digital health future.
Ad: How automated data delivery to the point of care is improving physician workflow, patient outcomes and hospital revenues.
Paige.AI is working with a pathology dataset to develop a comprehensive portfolio of AI products across cancer subtypes.
Fax machines might not be long for the world, but healthcare can still use them.

The AI & Data Analytics page at Inside Digital Health serves as a source of all the latest information in artificial intelligence. With articles covering the newest data in the space, it serves as a hub of information and news from the upcoming and ongoing conferences and annual meetings, including pivotal coverage right from the floor.

Among its other resources are a wealth of videos, including interviews with thought leaders and experts in AI and Data Analytics, and moderated panel discussions about the best practices and key methods for utilizing the newest technologies, examining existing issues and challenges of treating conditions, and much more.

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