Hardly anyone can imagine the future of healthcare without big data. But with frequent leaks and cyberattacks, how can patients share their personal information?
CDs are costly — and they can affect treatment and patient satisfaction.
Healthcare orgs that run afoul of HIPAA risk exposing patient data and big fines.
But the experts are the least confident in their ability to respond to cyberattacks.
Janae Sharp and community data organizer Andrea Downing discuss the leak’s implications for healthcare and patients.
Health systems should take a bottom up approach to better address cybersecurity issues.
What healthcare organizations need to do to protect their patients from data breaches.
While HHS is continuing to strengthen its information security program, the agency still has security weaknesses that need to be addressed.
Our current data privacy laws are not protecting individuals enough.
Ad: How SAP supports critical data and analytics to create a 360-degree view of the patient.

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