How can health systems navigate technological and systemic changes? Data Book explores the Ascension Health story and talks with Andrew Pecora, M.D.
Kick off Data Book’s third season with an update on AI and how Amazon, Apple and Google are tackling medicine in 2019.
We’ve produced 26 episodes of our health-tech podcast. Here are the ones you love the most.
Data Book explores the evolution of the hospital and hosts a KOL panel on data, wearables and the hospital of tomorrow.
How can healthcare assess AI’s potential? Data Book explores testing grounds and hosts a health-tech KOL panel on the tech’s future.
Can digital voice assistants for healthcare improve outcomes, increase efficiencies and protect patient data?
Healthcare can learn from the creation of the government’s national coordinator for health IT. Featuring Duke professor and attorney Barak Richman, Ph.D., J.D.
Las Vegas can teach healthcare a lot about patient engagement and the patient experience. Just ask Sunny Tara, co-founder and CEO of CareCognitics.
Data Book tells the story of artificial heart innovator Robert Jarvik and brings on five health-tech KOLs to discuss who is responsible for advancing medicine.
For patients, the benefits of wearables and other forms of real-time health monitoring are clear. But if you’re in charge of sustaining the profitability of a hospital, digital healthcare might keep you up at night.

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