Interoperability and EHRs

The lack of interoperability might be holding AI technology back.
Sponsored: How data solutions from companies like InterSystems enable doctors to improve patient engagement and health outcomes and create solutions to physician burnout.
Why a machine-learning scientist says the trouble stems from a lack of quality data.
From AI to virtual care to data sharing, these three experts have very differing views on what the future of healthcare will look like.  
Clinicians in their second or third year of residency performed EHR documentation more quickly, a new study finds.
#HIMSS19 social media ambassador Janae Sharp on how health IT can improve healthcare — if leaders take responsibility.
At HIMSS, Matt Michela, CEO of Life Image, suggests a few things that could drive interoperability.
#HIMSS19: How Andrew Pecora, M.D. is combining the literature with social determinants of health and previous cases to inform clinical decision making at the point of care.
Geeta Nayyar, M.D., MBA, discusses what she is looking forward to at HIMSS 2019.
The proposed rules would allow patients to electronically access their medical health information at no cost.
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