Interoperability & EHRs

Janae Sharp explores why this parody isn’t just funny. It’s a call for real change.
HIMSS will release an official comment letter on the proposed interoperability rules on May 3. 
Data Book examines the work of William Osler & its parallels to the burnout problem. Then our expert panel discusses solutions.
63 percent of respondents feel unprepared to manage and execute effective IT operations based on the training offered at their organizations.
Health IT experts examine measurement solutions — and why it’s critical that change comes from the top down.
Understanding how physician burnout reached epidemic proportions is the first step in the journey to identify meaningful solutions.
The systems need to be fully informed to help doctors best serve patients at the point of care.

Gag clauses in electronic health record (EHR) contracts are preventing physicians from speaking out about specific issues associated with the health tech. 
At HIMSS, two executives talk about the proposed interoperability rules and the government's role in its implementation.
eHealth Technologies’ solutions aim to help physicians access important information in medical records more quickly.

This Interoperability and EHRs resource center at Inside Digital Health provides the latest information about both, with a plethora of articles covering the most up-to-date developments, as well as exclusive interviews with experts from the field. Visitors to the site will find news highlighting the abilities of computer systems and software capable of exchanging and using health tech information, as well as updates from the latest in electronic health records.

Additionally, video interviews from professionals specializing in interoperability and EHRs can be found on this page, offering expert guidance on what those in health tech can expect in the not-so-distant future, tips and advice for those already utilizing this technology, and what these advancements can mean for patients.

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