Interoperability & EHRs

Administrative burden is fueling physician burnout.
The technology integrates with electronic health records and can help providers address patients’ social needs.
Healthcare might be ripe for change, but disruption isn’t so easy for outsiders.
How edge-to-cloud storage could benefit health systems.
The public comment period for the ONC and CMS rules is now closed.
Health information exchanges raise important questions about data exchange through the proposed CMS interoperability rule and beyond.
How healthcare can begin to realize the potential of EHRs.
Data Book examines the story of Gail Zahtz and her dotcom startup, Working Weekly, for insights into healthcare’s digital transformation.
Healthcare must prepare for coming change by focusing on interoperability.
We examined the early days of health data company Carium for insights on how hospitals can choose young vendors.

This Interoperability and EHRs resource center at Inside Digital Health provides the latest information about both, with a plethora of articles covering the most up-to-date developments, as well as exclusive interviews with experts from the field. Visitors to the site will find news highlighting the abilities of computer systems and software capable of exchanging and using health tech information, as well as updates from the latest in electronic health records.

Additionally, video interviews from professionals specializing in interoperability and EHRs can be found on this page, offering expert guidance on what those in health tech can expect in the not-so-distant future, tips and advice for those already utilizing this technology, and what these advancements can mean for patients.

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