Interoperability & EHRs

Ad: How Manifest MedEx delivers real-time information to help tackle one of healthcare’s greatest problems.
Janae Sharp examines how proposed CMS and ONC rules could affect healthcare.
Our health IT expert panel explores the rise of telemedicine and what it means for healthcare & physician burnout.
Fresh out of Health Datapalooza, Janae Sharp explores how the conference circuit shows what’s wrong with healthcare — and how we might fix it.
Data Book tells the story of Herbert Freudenberger, Ph.D., who came up with the term “burnout.” KOLs then discuss how health tech can fight physician burnout.
Artificial intelligence, clinical decision support and mobile apps are changing healthcare.
The digital transformation has influenced physician burnout for quite some time. How will it continue to evolve?
Turning the conversation toward solutions, experts debate how the smart use of health IT can optimize medicine.
At HIMSS, Chris Klomp shares the critical role that interoperability plays in emergency departments.
Which health systems and vendors are advancing the battle against physician burnout?

This Interoperability and EHRs resource center at Inside Digital Health provides the latest information about both, with a plethora of articles covering the most up-to-date developments, as well as exclusive interviews with experts from the field. Visitors to the site will find news highlighting the abilities of computer systems and software capable of exchanging and using health tech information, as well as updates from the latest in electronic health records.

Additionally, video interviews from professionals specializing in interoperability and EHRs can be found on this page, offering expert guidance on what those in health tech can expect in the not-so-distant future, tips and advice for those already utilizing this technology, and what these advancements can mean for patients.

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