Interoperability & EHRs

The Gravity Project now joins standards push.
How to create an interoperable app ecosystem.
Physicians identified EHR design and use factors that contribute to stress and burnout.
Janae Sharp talks machine learning with Don Woodlock.
Survey results released same morning CMS administrator calls healthcare ‘communication disaster.’
Patients could use their smartphones to better access and understand their health data.
Talks with 40 CIOs and senior leaders found most without a ‘long-term digital strategy.’
Physician burnout levels almost double separate study from March.
The Atrium Health innovator and doctor talks about the big questions.
Leaders say partnership could bring ‘radical change’

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Additionally, video interviews from professionals specializing in interoperability and EHRs can be found on this page, offering expert guidance on what those in health tech can expect in the not-so-distant future, tips and advice for those already utilizing this technology, and what these advancements can mean for patients.

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