Medical Devices

The cancer-fighting tool could give physicians more time to focus on the patient.
How surgical robotic solutions can shorten the time between injury and health.
The non-invasive device showed improved accuracy in detecting advanced vascular disease.
URGENT/11 allows anyone to take control of a medical device.
The goal is to advance promising technologies from academia to small business.
Medical devices can help address major issues in healthcare.
The technology accurately measured breathing and lung function.
The challenge aims to foster a conversation about chronic conditions and could lead to life-changing innovations.
The agency aims to encourage innovation while ensuring the health tech is safe.
The tech could improve triage accuracy and calm the chaos associated with emergency departments.

The Inside Digital Health Medical Devices page serves as a source of all the latest information, with articles covering approaches to care that permit physicians to treat their patients based on the diagnostic and clinical tools at their disposal. Here, readers will find news about FDA medical device clearances and recalls, along with how medical devices improve physician care and patient outcomes.

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