Setting Expectations Around AI in Healthcare

Samara Rosenfeld
FEBRUARY 20, 2019

There’s a lot of hype and promises to artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare. But what can be done to reap the full benefits of this technology?

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Michael Doyle, CEO of COTA, told Healthcare Analytics News™ that interoperability is a factor in how AI works. AI needs data to learn. The more data, the better the technology is. And with the lack of interoperability, the technology is missing out on data that can help it perform with higher accuracy.

While interoperability is a difficult problem to overcome, government organizations are working hard to advance it.

Doyle believes that with interoperability and human intervention, AI technology will work best and there will be a better result for the patient and the healthcare ecosystem as a whole.

With AI, natural language processing and machine learning, along with real-time evidence, the future of healthcare is poised for improved outcomes.

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