What Does 2018 Hold for Healthcare Technology?

HCA News Staff
JANUARY 14, 2018

AI and Cybersecurity Will Intertwine
As security applications get bigger and more complex, companies will need to take a hard look at how to fully integrate them. “With [security information and event management] platforms evolving to encompass machine learning concepts and orchestration capabilities, plus spreading to the furthest ends of the digital enterprise, we must also look at the most appropriate delivery model.” — A.N. Ananth, MSEE, CEO of EventTracker
Hackers Will Take Cue from WannaCry, NotPetya
The impressive, widespread NotPetya and WannaCry attacks of 2017 will set the precedent for future cyber assaults, according to experts. Instead of plying for diminishing returns, uncontrollable parasites will become more attractive, and lucrative, for bad actors. “Hackers are getting sick of the months it takes to profit from [point-of-service] malware breaches and exfiltrating card data. US-based credit card data is barely worth $5 to $30 on the dark web now.” — Kevin Watson, CEO of Netsurion

Data Becomes More Powerful Against the Opioid Crisis

Health information exchanges are set to strengthen. The Strategic Health Information Exchange Collaborative, a national consortium of such groups, is working to advance their work. In Nebraska, for example, it is helping to expand a prescription drug monitoring program, across borders and apart from certain EMR vendors. “It’s really going to be a platform for these health information exchanges to evolve the innovative work they’re doing.” — Joyce Sensmeier, MS, RN-BC, vice president of informatics at the Healthcare Informatics and Management Systems Society

Defining Value in the Final Days

Roughly 80% of healthcare dollars are spent in the last 6 months of life. Kathryn B. Kirkland, MD, the head of palliative medicine at Dartmouth College, is examining how humanities studies play into end-of-life considerations. Her work could help patients, families, and care teams come to a consensus on what value is during those difficult times. “If it is imminent, how would you like to go and what does dying with dignity mean to you?” — Manish Mishra, MD, MPH, director of professional education and outreach at Dartmouth College

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