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Series: Leveraging High-Tech Tools in the Fight Against Physician Burnout

A panel of experts explores how healthcare leaders can utilize technology to combat physician burnout.
Expert panelists, to lay the groundwork for solutions, elucidate the culture in medicine that drives physician burnout.
Understanding how physician burnout reached epidemic proportions is the first step in the journey to identify meaningful solutions.
Health IT experts examine measurement solutions — and why it’s critical that change comes from the top down.
Key opinion leaders discuss the limitations and potential of the EHR and how physician involvement can enhance tech.
Which health systems and vendors are advancing the battle against physician burnout?
Turning the conversation toward solutions, experts debate how the smart use of health IT can optimize medicine.
The digital transformation has influenced physician burnout for quite some time. How will it continue to evolve?
Our health IT expert panel explores the rise of telemedicine and what it means for healthcare & physician burnout.
Health IT experts analyze the challenges inherent to rushed visits between healthcare providers and patients.
In the final episode, health IT experts consider how health systems and developers can make tech fit into physician workflows.
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