Pop Health Tech

The investigation will span six years, compiling a huge trove of data that could unlock population health secrets.
Launched in 2014, Project Air View is designed to help people react to unhealthy environmental conditions.
Participating communities will work with the agency and stakeholders to improve healthcare delivery in rural areas.
The browser could give insight to participants and researchers about the data that are being collected.
What the volunteer program could mean for how senior citizens access healthcare.
Patients saw psychiatrists more quickly when they used telemedicine and in-person visits.
Population health management programs can improve quality of care and reduce costs. 
How 4 different types of data improve population health management.
The partnership could add to the success of patient-centric healthcare by helping underserved individuals and families get on a path to better health.
What can we as healthcare executives and physicians do to transform our organizations and place the focus back on the patient where it belongs?

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