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Janae Sharp and Geeta Nayyar, M.D., MBA, speak about how electronic health records (EHRs) have played a role in physician burnout.
Almost 44 percent of U.S. physicians showed at least one symptom of burnout in 2017.

The partnership could improve patient outcomes and reduce cost of care.

Eye-Sync uses AI to analyze eye movements and identify visual tracking impairment.
From AI to virtual care to data sharing, these three experts have very differing views on what the future of healthcare will look like.  
Machine learning could help decrease related deaths by 20 percent.
How can ridesharing services like Lyft help improve patient outcomes and save money on emergency and nonemergency transportation?
Sponsored: Dallas County saw a 4-to-1 return on its investment thanks in part to SAP’s fast, reliable enterprise solutions. Now, thousands of patients receive the right care they need.
Andrew Pecora, M.D., talks about the biggest disappointments and points of growth in the healthcare industry.
Elena Ivanova writes a heartfelt note of gratitude for the latest edition of our physician letter-writing series with the Sharp Index.

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