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Amit Phull, MD: Better Communication is the Next Big Thing

Ryan Black
OCTOBER 07, 2017

Amit Phull, MD, medical director of Doximity, has a simple answer when asked what the next big thing in healthtech is: communication.

“The buzzword I think that gets tossed around these days is interoperability,” he said. “If you think about that…any push is being made down that path at the individual provider level is just facilitating secure communication amongst providers regardless of the health system that you work in or the platform that you happen to be utilizing as an EHR.”

Communication silos are a big problem in Phull’s mind, and despite the “buzzword” status of interoperability, it is the most important pursuit for the healthcare technology community in coming years, he said.

Phull spoke of how, in his work at Doximity, his goal was to work against arduous and time-consuming processes to make secure physician communications.

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