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Using Technology for Patient Engagement

Samara Rosenfeld
MARCH 11, 2019
Photo has been modified. Courtesy of Rhoda Baer acquired from National Cancer Institute.

Over the course of HIMSS, I spent my time conducting video interviews with CEOs, product managers, doctors and health information technology experts.  

During my first interview, I decided to spring an impromptu question on Geeta Nayyar, M.D., MBA. I asked, “What do you wish you knew as a younger person — or what advice would you give yourself — trying to break into the healthcare space, knowing what you know now?”

After Nayyar answered, I ran with the question, and came up with the idea to ask the question to every interviewee to find commonalities and differences in their responses.

This video is part one of the video series.


One of the most popular answers to this question was patient engagement.

Kaveh Safavi, M.D., senior managing director of Accenture Health, started in the healthcare space as a doctor. He wishes he knew that as a physician, it is his duty to seek out the patient and not to wait for the patient to go to him. It’s the physician’s job to fit into the patient’s life, rather than have the patient fit into the physician’s system, Safavi said.

And Dana Bensinger, MSN, RN-BC, client solution executive at CTG, said that knowing what he knows now in the healthcare space, his biggest goal would be focusing on the patient. With all of the technology that patients have access to to help control their health, Bensinger wishes there were more tools when he first broke into the industry.

While 20-30 years ago, these experts were not focused as much on the patient, patient engagement has increased tremendously.

From digital health platforms and telehealth services, to wearable technology, patients and physicians have more of an opportunity to create relationships and have better outcomes.

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