Virtual Care

Data Book details the demise of a dotcom startup and offers lessons for healthcare innovators.
Patients want telemedicine services. Is your health system answering the call?
In hospitals and health systems, priorities don’t always translate to implementation capabilities.
The device continuously records patient data to help reduce heart failure hospitalizations.
The chief innovation officer is looking for internal innovation and partners whose goals best align with CHLA’s.
The agency is looking for ways to relieve administrative burden and increase quality of care.
There is no encyclopedia that contains the metrics of what makes a digital health program usable or not.
Although adherence declined over the 90-day study, patients who used the app saw a reduction in headache days per month.
Healthcare might be ripe for change, but disruption isn’t so easy for outsiders.
The app is a significant step into women’s health for Apple, whose healthcare and wellness portfolio continues to expand.

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