Virtual Care

The wearable could give those with chronic illnesses more peace of mind.
The policies aim to expand telehealth access for patients, increase innovation and drive competition.
Fresh out of Health Datapalooza, Janae Sharp explores how the conference circuit shows what’s wrong with healthcare — and how we might fix it.
Artificial intelligence, clinical decision support and mobile apps are changing healthcare.
The skills are designed to help customers manage healthcare needs at home by using their voice.
The mHealth app has the potential to improve patient outcomes.
Alternative places of service are all seeing growth, while traditional treatment settings are falling behind.
Clinicians must be more aware of the privacy policy of mHealth apps they are using and recommending to patients.

The augmented reality wearable device helped children with autism spectrum disorder improve their social acuities.
eConsults have the potential to be a game changer for both doctors and patients.

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