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Beyond Compliance: How to Secure Patient Data & Achieve ROI

Streamed on 08-29-2019 at 2:00pm EST

With the move toward patient-generated data, healthcare provider organizations have an unprecedented opportunity to improve outcomes and efficiencies. But existing privacy laws such as HIPAA do not apply to all types of patient-generated data, often resulting in disorganization and lax data protection protocols that expose stakeholders to avoidable risk of data breach and patient harm. Furthermore, when engaged patients want access to data — and not just to provide more data — it is critical to get data governance policies right. In this webinar, healthcare attorney and data privacy expert David Harlow, J.D., MPH, will describe how health systems and other providers can safeguard data in this gray area, whether they come from a personal fitness tracker or a connected medical device, and evade catastrophe.

Guest speaker David Harlow, J.D., MPH, is a healthcare attorney with deep experience in business, strategy, policy, compliance and proactive counseling across the industry, having worked with provider and payer organizations as well as technology and device companies of all shapes and sizes. He is recognized as a thought leader in digital health, data privacy and the broader healthcare sphere. David has a deep passion for innovation, a preference for simplicity where feasible and a practical approach to crafting actionable solutions. Read David’s award-winning blog, HealthBlawg, and listen to his healthcare innovation podcast, Harlow On Healthcare. Moderator Jack Murtha is associate director of publishing for Inside Digital Health. He helps healthcare leaders make innovation decisions that improve patient outcomes and hospital efficiencies. He also connects leading health IT vendors to health system decision-makers, all in pursuit of a better healthcare system.

Webinar highlights include:

• New and existing data streams
• Benefits of patient-generated data
• Liability & HIPAA compliance
• Best practices for data management
• Prevent unnecessary costs
• Limit risks to patient safety

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David Harlow, J.D., MPH Healthcare attorney and data privacy expert
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