In the latest episode, our hosts speak with the chief data officer of HHS Mona Siddiqui, M.D., MPH.
The Atrium Health innovator and doctor talks about the big questions.
Data Book examines how artificial intelligence could have helped one of the leading physician-scientists of our time.
Jesse Ehrenfeld, M.D., MPH, describes how health systems can unlock the potential of electronic health records. 
Data Book discusses how leaders can ignore noise and embrace effective healthcare technology.
Data Book details the demise of a dotcom startup and offers lessons for healthcare innovators.
Data Book examines the story of Gail Zahtz and her dotcom startup, Working Weekly, for insights into healthcare’s digital transformation.
How looking for a savior could help and hurt modern healthcare.
Cocaine-fueled medical education helped set the stage for physician burnout. 
Data Book tells the story of Herbert Freudenberger, Ph.D., who came up with the term “burnout.” KOLs then discuss how health tech can fight physician burnout.

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