The augmented reality wearable device helped children with autism spectrum disorder improve their social acuities.
A new review provides a roadmap for health-tech innovators who are focused on white-collar wellness.
The algorithm prevented the need for CT scans in nearly 40 percent of patients.
A new analysis of patient internet searches prior to emergency department visits suggests the data can produce meaningful insights.
Ad: Training with an AI robotic system translates to behavior change, innovator Ayanna Howard says.
Janae Sharp explores why this parody isn’t just funny. It’s a call for real change.
HIMSS will release an official comment letter on the proposed interoperability rules on May 3. 
Data Book examines the work of William Osler & its parallels to the burnout problem. Then our expert panel discusses solutions.
63 percent of respondents feel unprepared to manage and execute effective IT operations based on the training offered at their organizations.
The deal could help CynergisTek expand its services.
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