Medical Devices

Shereese Maynard, M.S., MBA, discusses the influence of health tech in the 2010s and makes projections on what's to come.
A challenge at CHLA encouraged employees to develop ideas to improve the health system.
There is a critical need for earlier diagnosis and detection of liver disease.
5 ways tech-driven access and visibility into a health system can drive specialty center growth.
Sam Glassenberg, CEO and founder of Level Ex, discusses the inception of Level Ex and developing a video game app that physicians can use to earn CME credit. 
The system helps the healthy portion of the heart to work more efficiently.
The firm will invest in biotech companies focused on drug discovery and development.
Patient safety depends on cyber safety, agency experts wrote.
AI Medical Service’s tech helps physicians detect cancerous lesions.
One person was injured due to the issue.

The Inside Digital Health Medical Devices page serves as a source of all the latest information, with articles covering approaches to care that permit physicians to treat their patients based on the diagnostic and clinical tools at their disposal. Here, readers will find news about FDA medical device clearances and recalls, along with how medical devices improve physician care and patient outcomes.

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