Amazon's Choice devices will integrate with One Drop to help customers manage chronic conditions.
Healthcare executives want to increase patient engagement and population health programs, but face many obstacles.
3 existing opioid addiction treatment models can benefit from telemedicine.
Researchers have developed a way to acquire classical Raman spectroscopy images more quickly.

It could be possible to identify infectious diseases using a smartphone, according to a new study.
A revised guidance aims to modernize clinical trials and ensure the safety and efficacy of novel treatments.
At HIMSS, two executives talk about the proposed interoperability rules and the government's role in its implementation.
eHealth Technologies’ solutions aim to help physicians access important information in medical records more quickly.
Heritable genome editing is said to be too unpredictable, unsafe and unnecessary. 
Ad: How vendor-agnostic, point-of-care technology can improve physician quality of life and patient care.
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