Tech replaces spreadsheets and manual tasks, while engaging with patients at each stage of the revenue cycle becomes essential.
The promise of 5G lies in its ability to connect patients, but negatives abound.
Clinical decision support tools can be lifesaving.
eConsults have emerged as an effective method to enhance front-line primary care capabilities.
Health IT 2.0 will be successful if cloud-based computing is leveraged.
Shereese Maynard, M.S., MBA, discusses the influence of health tech in the 2010s and makes projections on what's to come.
Telehealth adoption and benefits will only continue to increase in the upcoming year, one American Well expert suggests.
Survey results offer insights into AI challenges and solutions.
Tech is critical to maximize antibiotic stewardship program efficiency and effectiveness. 
A new sponsor will award a Massachusetts-based organization up to $25,000.

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