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Two experts believe health tech can speed up processes in a physician’s workflow.
How one healthcare organization’s leader is working to bridge the gap between women and leadership roles in healthcare.
Physicians and healthcare executives need to take action independent of a bill to protect patients' health data. 
Virtual reality technology is no longer just for video games.
There is no encyclopedia that contains the metrics of what makes a digital health program usable or not.
How can physicians leverage AI technologies to enhance their workflows and the patient experience?
There is a lot of narrow AI, but health systems need more general algorithms that are intelligent and can make inferences.
Jothi Dugar, chief information security officer at NIH Center for IT, said working in a silo isn’t good for an organization.
John Bulger, MBA, of Geisinger Health Plan, said this is the linchpin to improving health.
The tech gives patients more options when purchasing medications.
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