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Jothi Dugar, chief information security officer at NIH Center for IT, said working in a silo isn’t good for an organization.
John Bulger, MBA, of Geisinger Health Plan, said this is the linchpin to improving health.
The tech gives patients more options when purchasing medications.
A comprehensive approach could lead to increased adoption of the technology.
Amar Desai, M.D., MPH, said that health systems across the U.S. must migrate away from fee-for-service payment models.
With all of the health tech out there, healthcare executives need to evaluate which would be most efficient when implemented into their health system.
Population health management programs can improve quality of care and reduce costs. 
The technology can do more than increase efficiencies in the hospital setting.
Health systems should take a bottom up approach to better address cybersecurity issues.
At WHCC19, Amar Desai, M.D., MPH, speaks about health technology and how it can impact the social determinants of health.
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