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eConsults have the potential to be a game changer for both doctors and patients.
The systems need to be fully informed to help doctors best serve patients at the point of care.

Gag clauses in electronic health record (EHR) contracts are preventing physicians from speaking out about specific issues associated with the health tech. 
These three experts say there is always room to learn more about the technology that is driving major changes in healthcare.
At HIMSS, four health experts talk about how important focusing on the patient is.  
A year after the hype of blockchain tech at HIMSS 2018, how far along is the healthcare industry with implementing it?
Ad: How automated data delivery to the point of care is improving physician workflow, patient outcomes and hospital revenues.
The tech has already outperformed clinicians in various studies.
Ad: Holon Solutions assembled 125 healthcare leaders to thank their doctors. But it was just one step in the company’s fight against physician burnout.
Wearable devices can improve patient outcomes and keep patients in the loop about their health data. 
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