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How Virtual Care Can Address the Disconnect in Healthcare

Samara Rosenfeld
NOVEMBER 18, 2019
Patients often see different specialists throughout their continuum of care to treat a multitude of conditions. From behavioral health specialists to hematologists, patients often bounce around from office to office to get their care. And their records don’t necessarily follow. Virtual care and telemedicine tools have a chance to change that.

Veeneta Lakhani is the senior vice president for health services at Vida Health. At HLTH2019, she discussed how virtual care can help address the disconnect in healthcare.

Editor's note: The following transcription has been lightly edited for style and clarity.

Veeneta Lakhani: Break down the silos, right? Today, we do too much of treating a patient with diabetes person in this way and then treating their hypertension then putting their mental health in yet another separate avenue with a separate set of care providers that they have to go to. In fact, none of these providers are really talking to each other.

We have to bring this together because it is one person and in order to kind of meet that person where they're at, you really need that continuity of care. Digital tools can provide that. It's not just about the medical record per se, but in terms of how they engage and if they're engaging through this one channel, it can start to try to bring all the pieces together.

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